Saturday, September 12, 2009

The squeaking wheel gets ...

I posted Six weeks and counting ... yesterday because I could not think of something else to post, so I whined that had not put my corrections to an 1870 US Census entry into their index yet.

Voila! This morning my email inbox showed five messages from like this one:

I submitted corrections for five persons, and received five emails. I believe that this is just a coincidence that I squeaked yesterday and the action was taken yesterday. Good timing, I think!

What about the index? I checked the 1870 US Census for Henry A. Carringer and yep, he's there - as are the rest of his family.

We'll be home tonight... check for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at around 1 p.m. PDT.


Anne Gillespie Mitchell said...

It was a coincidence. I saw your post yesterday, and went and checked where 1870 was in the processing queue, and was told you'd have some emails today. :-)

It was good to see you in Little Rock at FGS. Hope the rest of your trip was good.

Anne Mitchell

Aylarja said...

I received a batch of similar emails late last night from some corrections I had submitted, also for the 1870 US Federal Census. Admittedly, it had been awhile since I had submitted them and the fact that I had done so for these particular entries had slipped my mind. Looks like it was probably just their turn. I do appreciate that has this feature, and that they are expanding it to more data fields. As more people submit corrections, hopefully finding those elusive entries will become easier.

Unknown said...

I would like to thank Ancestry for incorporating a new feature into their record correction process.

When a correction is submitted for the SURNAME of the Head of a family a window opens to show the wife and children. If you leave all the names "checked", they too will be notated with the corrected SURNAME.
Great idea. Thanks Ancestry!!

Miz J said...

Me too! First I had just a few, and the next day it was 27!