Friday, September 11, 2009

Six weeks and counting...

I posted Making Index Updates on 30 July 2009 to demonstrate the new Record Image page viewer (with the index and source citation panels) for selected census databases.

I used my D.J. Carringer family as the example, because they had been indexed on (and also on FamilySearch Record Search) with the surname CURRENT. In my post, I showed the steps to make an update to the Index.

In my post, I wondered how long the update to the index would take to be seen. It has been six weeks, and my updates to the CURRENT family have not been made yet to the index. If you go to the census page, the updated surname is shown in the index list at the bottom of the screen.

Before changed the 1870 US census index entries (to use the LDS FamilySearch index, as I recall), this family was indexed by Ancestry (and HeritageQuestOnline) as CARENNGTR, which is pretty much how I read the census record - but I can understand how an indexer would think that it was CURRENGTR or CURENNGTR.

I wonder why my updates to this 1870 census entry have not made it into the index yet? At the FGS Blogger forum that hosted, they said that they were averaging 111,000 updates per day - up from the pre-August average of 26,000. So maybe it is just a backlog of update information that is delaying my own update from appearing in the index. Inquiring minds want to know if this is going to become the norm for Ancestry database index updates?

I guess I need to become Mr. Patient, eh? LOL. Right!

I'm still on vacation - home on Saturday. Check Saturday after 12 noon PDT for this week's SNGF - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I received notice today that corrections that I made on July 17, Aug 3 and Aug 14 have been added to the index. I seem to get them in batches. There were 9 or 10 today.

Eileen said...

Randy, I seached today on Current and your correction showed up in the results as an alternate name. I then searched for Carringer and the same record came up first so it knows it is there. I don't think they necessarily replace the original index name,just allow different searches to find it. I corrected one record of mine twice, once to correct a transcription error and the second time to correct the enumerator's error. Noble was enumerated as Knoble and transcribed as Koeble. I am still waiting to see my corrections.