Friday, October 30, 2009

Follow Friday - "GeneaBloggers"

The Follow Friday theme is intended for genealogy bloggers to recommend other genealogy blogs or specific blog posts to their readers.

My recommendation for Genea-Musings readers this week is the GeneaBloggers blog, organized by Thomas MacEntee, and contributed to by Thomas and several other genealogy bloggers.

Every group of people needs some sort of organization, and the genealogy bloggers have this rather informal group (no constitution, no by-laws, no meetings, etc.) that works for all of us.

Posts on the GeneaBloggers blog include:

* Collections of blog posts for the regular daily themes - Black Sheep Sunday, Madness Monday, Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Treasure Chest Thursday, Follow Friday, and Surname Saturday. Thomas has created a way to collect these posts into a list, using Google Alerts.

* A weekly article on "May I Introduce To You ..." written by Gini Webb.

* A weekly article on New Genealogy Blogs, written by Thomas.

* A weekly article on Upcoming Genealogy Blogging Events by Thomas, which includes blog anniversaries, blog carnivals, genealogy conferences, geneablogger member appearances, and more.

* Articles on how to blog, how to read blogs, working with Facebook, data backup, and many more, mainly written by Thomas.

The GeneaBloggers blog is indispensable for me - I often add new blogs to my own blog list from the weekly post, and can quickly scan the themes to see what I missed the first time around.

The neatest thing is, I think, that the daily themes provide topics for genealogy bloggers to write about - and in the process they improve their writing skills and we learn more about their lives and their family history.

Have you noticed that almost all of the genealogy bloggers currently producing original writing and reading material are not professional genealogists, and were pretty much unknown before they started writing and blogging? The genealogy world will reap the benefit of this writing "explosion" as the geneabloggers hone their skills - many future professional genealogists, online columnists, magazine authors and columnists will come from the geneabloggers. We are already seeing this, with Thomas MacEntee, Mark Tucker, and several other geneabloggers writing on a regular basis for national online and paper media. I address this, in part, in my own Genealogy 2.0 column in the FORUM Magazine published by the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Try GeneaBloggers - I think you'll enjoy reading it whether you are a blogger or a genealogy blog reader.


geneabloggers said...

Thanks Randy for the kind comments and the mention for Follow Friday. I really appreciate all you've done for GB and your participation on the events.

And I agree with you - I think that we'll be seeing more great writing coming from members especially as they hone their writing and research skills.

Unknown said...

Yes ----- I have collected and researched genealogy for 40 years now but I am a novice blogger. I am learning and benefiting greatly from the geneabloggers. I encourage anyone, anytime to avail themselves to these two wonderful mentors, Randy Seaver and Thomas MacEntee. They are very generous with their time and knowledge to novice bloggers.