Friday, December 18, 2009

Follow Friday -- Family Matters

For Follow Friday, I want to commend the Family Matters blog, written by Denise Olson, for your reading pleasure.

Denise blogs mainly about technology and how we genealogists and family historians can use the tools available to us if we only knew about them. Computer hardware, software, websites, social networks, electronic publishing, audio and video, security and much more are topics for Denise's review and analysis. Check out the subject categories on the right sidebar on the blog to see the breadth and depth of Denise's expertise. I learn more about technology from Denise's blog than anywhere else.

Is Family Matters on your blog list? If you are interested in the topics listed above, it should be!

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Moultrie Creek said...

Randy, you blow me away! Your kind words were a bright ray of sunshine on a gray and stormy day. Thank you.