Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mundia.com on Facebook

Mundia.com has a fan page and an application on Facebook. Here is the Mundia.com page on Facebook:

When I clicked on the "Info" tab, I found:

There is the Facebook application link - it's http://apps.facebook.com/mundia-family-tree/. When I clicked on it, I saw my Mundia "home page" with the typical Facebook ads on the right sidebar:

Clicking on the "Family Tree" tab, I saw my Ancestry.com Public Member Tree in a format identical to that on the Mundia.com website:

The Mundia.com application on Facebook works just as well there as it does on the http://us.Mundia.com website. S-L-O-W. Very slowly. But it works, and the user can navigate around their online family tree, can add photographs or document images, can invite friends and family to view it, etc. It works much better (faster screen views, better navigation, easier to understand and use) than the FamilyLink (used to be We're Related) application on Facebook.

Is it better than using Ancestry Member Trees on Ancestry.com? No, I don't think so.

Is it better than using genealogy software like Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic or Legacy Family Tree? Heck, no - it's not even close! My experience is that online family trees are much slower and less capable in editing, adding data, creating charts, reports and books, than genealogy software.

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