Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Genealogy In Time website

I try really hard to be aware of genealogy resources on the Internet, so I was surprised when I read about Genealogy In Time ( - I didn't recall hearing about it before last week (I am getting older and more forgetful, so I may have missed it!).

So what is Genealogy In Time? It's a genealogy information and education service. Here is their description:

"Genealogy In Time™ is a free genealogy magazine that is published exclusively online. As a family genealogy magazine, we provide:

Free genealogy articles and how-to guides.

Our very popular weekly column Genealogy This Week, a short weekly compilation of the best and most interesting new genealogy tools, resources and stories to help you get the most out of your family history research.

Listings of the latest online genealogy records as they become available on the internet.

Unique and relevant genealogy news stories often not found on other genealogy sites"

Take some time to click on the "News", "Resources" and "Articles" links - there are some interesting and useful articles and links in the offerings.

They offer a FREE weekly newsletter sent via email - you can sign up here.

Disclosure: I have no interest or affiliation with this website. I do subscribe to their FREE newsletter.

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Shaz said...

How did you manage to subscribe to their newsletter? There is no 'form below' to fill out! I tried contacting them a week ago, but have not received a response.