Thursday, December 24, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Aunt Gerry's Baptismal Certificate

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time for another peek at one of the goodies hiding in boxes and file cabinets in the Genealogy Cave.

Ah, here is the baptismal certificate for my Aunt Geraldine Seaver:

Gerry was baptized at St. Mark's Episcopal Church (in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts) in Leominster, Massachusetts on Saturday, 30 March 1918 by Rev. Donald Alexander. The parents names were Frederick Seaver and Bessie Richmond, and the Sponsors were Grace Shaw, Eva Whenman (??) and Fred Shaw. Grace Shaw was Bessie's sister, and she was married to Fred Shaw.

I have no clue who Eva Whenman is! In the 1920 census, Eva and Barry Whenman resided at 127 Lancaster Street in Leominster - just down the block from the Seaver house at 146 Lancaster Street. So, she is a neighbor, and probably one of Bessie Seaver's good friends.


Lori H said...

Beautiful! I love the scrollwork!

Barry Whenman said...

I'm Barry Whenman - but not the 90 year old from Leominster, I'm afraid!