Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NARA Laguna Niguel Move to Perris CA

Joel Weintraub emailed me with this information about the National Archives move from Laguna Niguel to Perris in Riverside County, California:

"I found out today [Monday] the projected timetable for the move of NARA Laguna Niguel to Perris, CA.

"The move will start January 4th. The first things to be moved will be the textual records (original records). Microfilms will go later in the move.

"It is anticipated that the genealogy room [at Laguna Niguel] with the computers (and subscriptions to Ancestry, Footnote, HeritageQuest) will be open until February 19th.

"Anyone coming to the Laguna Niguel facility during January and February would be wise to call in advance to make sure any films they need are still at the facility, and that the genealogy room is, in fact, open."

NARA has posted a notice about the move at http://www.archives.gov/pacific/laguna/move-to-perris.html.

Thank you, Joel, for keeping us apprised of this move that affects all researchers in Southern California and several other states (Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii?).

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