Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Article Archives at

I'm sure that many New England researchers are aware of the Article Archives at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) website, but I wasn't, even though I've been a member for more than 20 years.

While the databases on the NEHGS site are members-only, the Articles page in the Databases & Research category is FREE to everybody. The Articles page has links to collections of articles for:

* African American Family History
* Bible Records
* Canadian Family History
* Computer Genealogist
* Ethnic Research

* Family Health Histories
* Genealogy and Technology
* Genetics\DNA Research
* Getting Started in Genealogy
* Hot Topics

* Immigrants to New England: 1634 - 1635
* Manuscript Collections
* Mayflower Research
* Military Research
* NEXUS Archives

* Passenger Lists
* Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources

The list of all of the available articles - about 500 of them - is in the Articles Archive, in order of publication on the website.

There is a treasure trove of useful genealogical information here - from sketches of Pilgrim Village Ancestors (Plymouth colonists in The Great Migration Begins book series), articles from NEHGS publications like NEXUS and The Computer Genealogist, to how-to articles for different geographical areas, and much more.

My attention was drawn to it today by an article in the NEHGS eNews email newsletter in my Inbox this afternoon. The article mentioned was a 77 page article (more than half of it are sources and bibliography) titled "A Line from John Guild of Dedham to Wrentham, Massachusetts, and Beyond," by Helen Schatvet Ullmann, CGSM, FASG. John Guild is one of my immigrant ancestors, and this article provides excellent biographical information on him and one line of his descendants (not my specific line, unfortunately!) - much better than the Guild book published in 1887.

If you have New England ancestry, be sure to browse through this collection.

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