Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tamura Jones' GeneAwards 2009

I am late in recognizing Tamura Jones' genealogy industry awards that he posted in GeneAwards 2009 on 30 December 2009 on his Modern Software Experience website.

These awards are important for the genealogy industry - they recognize accomplishments and provide an incentive to improve genealogy products.

Tamura's outlook is a bit different from many others in the genealogy industry - he seems to be objective and offers praise and constructive criticisms based on his technology background and research skills. I greatly respect his opinions and appreciate the efforts he makes to evaluate genealogy software, websites and products.

Tamura awarded the GeneAwards 2009 to:

*** Best Genealogy Product of 2009: RootsMagic 4

*** Best New Genealogy Product of 2009: 1911 Census
.......honourable mention: MyBlood

*** Best Genealogy Organisation of 2009: Footnote

*** Most Surprising Product of 2009: GenealogyCloud

*** Most Improved Product of 2009: RootsMagic
.......honourable mention: Behold

*** Worst Genealogy Product of 2009: MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 4.0
.......dishonourable mention: USA Surgeon General's My Family Health Portrait

*** Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2009: MyHeritage
.......dishonourable mention: Geni.com
.......dishonourable mention: FamilySearch
.......dishonourable mention: FamilyLink

*** Vapourware 2009: GenSeek

Tamura has discussion of each award and the reasons for naming the recipients - read them at http://www.tamurajones.net/GeneAwards2009.xhtmll.

He also awarded GeneaBlog Awards for 2009 here.

Note that Tamura Jones's website cannot be read by Internet Explorer browser users without a special fix (which I cannot find on his site now).


RootsMagic said...

The fix is to install a google chrome frame in IE.


Tamura Jones said...

There are several fixes for Intranet Explorer's many shortcomings. The top four fixes are Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.