Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blogger Day at 2010 invited a number of genealogy bloggers to attend their briefings in Provo, Utah this weekend. Information from the server farm and office tour, the presentations by Ancestry executives, and the dinners hosted by Ancestry is starting to be posted.

Leland Meitzler has the best summary so far, including some "hot off the press" new about future database plans - see Leland's post at Blogger’s Day 2010 at

Who attended this year? Leland's post has this list:

Dick Eastman - Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
Thomas MacEntee -
Leland K. Meitzler -
The unknown blogger - The Ancestry Insider
Craig Manson -
Diane Haddad - The Genealogy Insider
Lisa Cooke - Genealogy Gems Podcast
Pat Richley-Erickson -
Kimberly Powell - Genealogy

Leland also posted a picture of this August, er, January, group.

I received several emails asking about why I wasn't included. I was invited early on by, but declined due to previous commitments. I had three major events this weekend here in San Diego - the SDGS Seminar featuring Jean Wilcox Hibben on Saturday, my daughter and grandgirls came on Saturday to visit, and publishing the CVGS newsletter on Sunday. Besides, it was 75 F here in San Diego, and about 30 F in Salt Lake City! I will be attending the NGS Conference in April and will be able to get some FHL time, and see all of the Ancestry folks and most of the bloggers who attended this Bloggers Day, then.

I look forward to seeing reports from all of the genealogy bloggers that attended the Bloggers Day events. I greatly appreciate the effort by to connect periodically with the genealogy community, including bloggers.

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