Friday, February 26, 2010 Contest - Travel Money Plus...

Jeanie Croasmun's post today on the Blog is titled See Grandpa’s Homeland – On Our Dime. From her post about the Ultimate Family History Journey Sweepstakes.

"Grand prize should cover your trip, regardless of your family’s place of origin — $20,000 in travel cash. Don’t know where they’re from? That’s covered too: you get genealogy and local experts to help you out. And if, after visiting, you tire of that family line, you can easily switch to researching another since the grand prize winner and five of his or her family members score annual World Deluxe subscriptions to, gratis.

"The sweepstakes is running in conjunction with the series Who Do You Think You Are? which airs Friday nights on NBC beginning March 5. And like all good contests, there are some official rules to read before tossing your cappello in the ring. Rest assured that your chances are even better since, as an employee of, I can’t actually enter to win. But you can – and often: once each day now through April 30.

"Enter the sweepstakes and learn more at"

Hmmm, Where do I want to go...England, Germany, Holland, Norway, New England, Wisconsin, where? Uh oh, guess I need to win the prize first. Then I could add a really neat section to my family tree, and to my "Genealogy Vacations" presentation as well.

Entering the contest is painless - name, address, email, phone, birthdate, and check the box that says you've read the Terms and Conditions (the link is the same as the main T&C page). You do become a registered user of too (I wonder what happens to those of us who already are?). And if you refer one or more of your friends (name and email address), you get a bonus entry in the Sweepstakes. Cool.

Wouldn't it be neat if they announced the winner on the last Who Do You Think You Are? episode? Uh oh, entries are open to 30 April, last show is scheduled for 23 April. It would be even neater if they did a show around the winner of the contest - you know, a "regular person" who has ancestry just as interesting and challenging as the celebrities on the show.

I need to make my updated to-do list and add the contest link to my list for every day until 30 April! Wonder how I can do this when I'm Down Under next month?

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Anonymous said...

missed the 2010 contest,but was happy someone got to further the search for thier family, its a tough road ,but so much fun. found some family members some are very difficult to trace but I'll keep on searching unless I get lucky , good luck to everyone,mostly me.