Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The GenealogyToday Subscription Winners Are...

I had 52 entries for the GenealogyToday subscription contest, and used the random number generator at www.random.org to pick the winners.

Here are the eight names randomly selected for the trial subscriptions:

Vickie Everhart
Sheri Bush

Celia Lewis
Sue Maxwell
Anne Kerr
Linda Brousseau
David Shirey
Linda Robbins

Illya D'Addezio has contacted each of the winners and has set them up with their nine-month trial subscription to the GenealogyToday and GenWeekly databases.

Congratulations to the winners, and a big THANK YOU to Illya D'Addezio for offering the subscriptions to his databases and website.

Disclosure: I did not receive any money or services to host this contest, nor did I receive a free subscription from Illya. I have used his sites before and I think that they are an outstanding example of what an individual can do with brains and hard work to create a useful subscription database site. This was Illya's idea, and his unsolicited offer to me.


BeNotForgot said...

W-O-W! I never win anything! Thank, y'all! Now I understand what that junk mail was yesterday . . . I knew I had not subscribed to anything . . . but this possibility did not dawn on me . . . sure glad I did not delete it! Thank you again, Randy and Illya . . . I will enjoy this! V.

Suemax said...

Thanks so much Randy and Illya! I'll post about my experiences with the subscription!