Saturday, February 20, 2010 Family Crest Contest

The MyHeritage family tree and genealogy site recently purchased the DynasTree family tree and genealogy web site - see the press release here.

One of the DynasTree features was the creation of a Family Crest. MyHeritage is running a Family Crest creation contest until 24 February. The prize is a one-year Premium membership to the MyHeritage website. Details of the contest are on the MyHeritage blog post Design Your Family Crest CONTEST!

Here is my entry:

I tried to create a visually attractive, yet meaningful, family crest for my Seaver family.

You too can create a family crest and enter the contest, but you have to have a MyHeritage account. The Family Crest creator is a tab in the Family Tree tab of the website.
The Family Crest creator is an interactive flash program - you select the elements from the right side of the screen (seen above) and the colors from the left side of the screen. When you choose one element type from the right side, you can then choose the particular element you want of that type.

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Sebastien Hue. said...

We are going to change the dead line for the contest!
We want to encourage more people to get familiar with the web app , so the new deadline is Friday March 5.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me @:
sebastien (at)