Monday, February 1, 2010

Win a FREE Subscription to GenealogyToday and GenWeekly - Enter Today!

I met Illya D'Addezio at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree last year and we had some good conversations about genealogy and people. Illya is the creator and owner of several subscription websites - and, and the free site

During January, Illya emailed me and offered to give away, to my readers, EIGHT free 9-month subscriptions to his database collections. The catch was that I had to come up with a way to pick the EIGHT winners. He noted that if any winner happens to already have a subscription, then he will extend it for 9 months. This sounds like a really good deal, doesn't it?

He only offers annual subscriptions on the sites, so this is a special offer only available to the winners that I pick. No credit cards required, and no automatic renewals of any sort. Just nine months of free access to these databases (regularly $32.95/year):

* Family Tree Connection
* Town Reports Online
* Military Roots Project
* GenWeekly News & Information Service

The four data collections are accessible from either or and appear under the search result heading of "Subscription Data." GenWeekly is accessible at

This sounds like a really good opportunity for eight of my readers to be able to access the databases on Illya's site. Note that it doesn't include several subscription databases because he doesn't control access to those databases (which are identified as separate subscriptions on his sites). Most of the databases that Illya has on his subscription side are relatively small and cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

So here are my contest rules:

1) Email me at with your name and email address expressing your interest in winning a free 9-month subscription to Illya's databases. I have to have those two items in order for Illya to sign you up with a password protected login.

2) Only one entry per person is allowed for the duration of the contest.

3) The deadline will be next Sunday night, 7 February 2010, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time = 0759 GMT on 8 February), with the email date/time stamp as I receive them.

4) I will make a numbered list of the entries as they come in, and have my wife draw numbers out of a bowl to select the eight winners.

5) Winners will be notified by an email from myself and from Illya, and I will share the winner's names in a blog post.

6) There is no cost to enter...although saying nice things about Genea-Musings and Illya D'Addezio would be great, but won't influence the random selection.

So come on, readers, go check out, and and see if they are sites that you would like to be able to access. If so, just email me your name and email address.

Disclosure: I have not, and will not, received any money or services to host this contest, nor will I receive a free subscription from Illya. I have used his sites before and I think that they are an outstanding example of what an individual can do with brains and hard work to create a useful subscription database site. This was Illya's idea, and his unsolicited offer to me.

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