Friday, February 5, 2010

Follow Friday - Rootdig and Casefile Clues

On Follow Friday, many genealogy bloggers 'fess up on the bloggers or web sites that they like and appreciate. I have so many that I follow (currently over 600 in my Bloglines list) that it will take many weeks to list them all.

This week, I want to highlight Michael John Neill's two blogs - Rootdig and Casefile Clues, shown below in recent screen shots:

Michael's Rootdig site describes him:

"I'm a genealogy researcher, writer and speaker who is still looking for the answer to several family history questions. I also give family history seminars and lectures on a variety of genealogy topics."

That's pretty understated, I think. Michael is, and has been for many years, a prolific writer on genealogy topics and is a nationally known genealogy speaker and teacher.

The Rootdig blog is a collection of posts concerning Michael's own genealogy and family history searches - and the posts often highlight flaws or quirks in online databases that he finds in his research.

The Casefile Clues blog promotes Michael's Casefile Clues weekly subscription newsletter. I've subscribed to it for several months now, and am enjoying the articles. Michael has a way of presenting them that enables the reader to follow the document trail and logical analysis on each subject. The articles are typically seven to ten pages with some images - this is already an impressive body of work.

I haven't met Michael yet, but I'm looking forward to it at a genealogy conference in the future.

If you don't read Michael John Neill's blogs yet, I encourage you to read his current blog page and put his blogs in your blog reader.

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Terri said...

I recommend Michael's blog Rootdig also. Michael was my first internet contact when I began researching my family on the internet. Michael and I are distant cousin and share gggggrandparents (I think that was enough greats - LOL) - Michael is very knowlegeable on research and I must say I personnaly have learned a great deal from him.