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Amanuensis Monday - the Will of Jonas Prescott (1648-1723)

.... Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started his own Monday blog theme several months ago called Amanuensis Monday.

I loved the idea, and recently decided to follow it in order to share ancestral information and keep the theme going, and perhaps it will expand to other genealogy bloggers.

What does "amanuensis" mean? John offers this definition:

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Jonas Prescott (1648-1723), son of John and Mary (Gawkroger) Prescott, died testate in Groton, Massachusetts. His probate papers are in Middlesex County (MA) Probate Records, Probate Packet #18,080 (the original probate papers are in FHL Microfilm 0,421,496, not probate court clerk copies). His will, dated 28 December 1723, reads:

"In the Name of God amen I Jonas Prescot of Groton in the County of Middx in the Province of the Massachusits Bay in New England being at the present making herof of a sound Disposing mind and memory but sensible of my own mortality do thear fore mak and ordain this my Last Will and Testiment in manner and form as followeth ---

"And first and Principally I do Comint my precious and Immortall Soul into the hands of allmyty God in Jesus Christ trusting in his merits alon for the sallvation of it. My body I commit to the dust by a decent buriall at the Discretion of my Executor herafter named, in hope of a glorious Resurrection unto Eternall Life and as for that Temporall Estate which it hath pleased allmighty god to bestow upon me my will and pleasure is to dispos of it as followeth ---

"Item I will that all my just debts which I do owe of right to any parsons be well and truly paid by my Executor hereafter named.

"Item I give and bequeath to Mary my well beloved wif the improvemon of all my Lands medow pasturing and orchards and houseing and fences dureing ye term of her naturall lif.

"Item I give to the Church of Christ in Grotton five pound money to be paid by my Executor within six months after my deceas.

"Item I give to my Son Jonas Prescott besides what I have all Ready given him by a deed and other ways my silver tancard at ye deceas of my wife.

"Item I give to my son Benjamin Prescott all my lands and medows in Grotton that are undisposed of to geather with my Shope and Smiths towles at the deceas of my Executor

"Item I give to my daughter Mary Farnsworth thirty pounds money.

"Item I give to my daughter Elkesibeth Gren thirty pounds money.

"Item I give to my daughter Doraty Varnum thirty pounds money

"Item I give to my daughter Abigall Parker thirty pounds money

"Item I give to my daughter Martha Hobard thirty pounds money.

"Item I give to my daughter Susanah Lavane twenty pounds money, all to be paid by my Executor within three year aughta my decease.

"Item I give to the Chilldren of my daughter Sary Longly deceased four pounds money each one of them to be paid by my Executor as thay shall come of age the sons to the age twenty one years and the daughters to the age of eighten year and in Cas any of them dye before they are of age to recive said legasy ther part shall be eaqully divided al to the sirvivers of said children.

"Item I give to the Chilldren of my daughter Daborath Parker deceased Each of them four pounds money to be paid by my Executor when they shall Com of age - the sons to ye age of one and twenty years and the daughters to ye age of Eighten years - and if it so hapen that any of said Chilldren dy before thay a Rived to said age that part shall be Eaquilly divided betwen the Sirvivers o said Chilldren.

"Item I give to my granson Jonas Prescut one cow to be delivered to him by my Executor beside what I have all Ready given him. Allso I give to Mary my well beloveed wife whome I all so make Constitute and ordain my only Soul Executor of this my Last Will and testimet, all and sigular my moveabell Estate both houshold ... Chatels and money and bonds for money and what soevar shall be found of my of my Estat not other ways disposed of by her frely to be posesed ... .... I will that my two sons Shall asist my Executor in the Execution of this my last will and testiment by my two sons I mean Jonas and Benjamin Prescott by money mentioned many of the aforsaid artacols of intend bills of Creadit or that which shall then pas for money. And in witness that this is in Last will and tenstiment I have set to my hand and seall this twenty eighh day of December in the year of our Lord 1723.

"Signed sealed and pronounced and declared by the said Jonas Prescott to be his last will and testiment in Presents of
John Woods ............................................. Jonas Prescot (seal)
John Stevens
Joseph Flowers"

Mary Prescott, widow of Jonas Prescott of Groton, requested that her dutiful son Benjamin Prescott be her true sufficient and lawfull attorney before the Court on 26 March 1724.

Benjamin Prescott lodged the will of Jonas Prescott with the Court on 10 March 1723/4, and it was proved on 27 March 1724.

I am descended from Jonas and Mary (Loker) Prescott through their son Jonas Prescott (1678-1750) who married Thankful Wheeler (1682-1716).

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