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Surname Saturday - PUTMAN (Holland > NY > NJ > NY > ONT)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week. I'm up to number 63, who is Eliza Putman (1820-1895). This completes my listings of my 3rd great-grandparents. I'll start in on the next generation next week!

My ancestral line back through nine generations of PUTMANs is:

1. Randall J. Seaver

2. Frederick W. Seaver (1911-1983)
3. Betty V. Carringer (1919-2002)

6. Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891-1976)
7. Emily Kemp Auble (1899-1977)

14. Charles Auble (1848-1916)
15. Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952)

30. James Abram Kemp (1831-1902)
31. Mary Jane Sovereen (1840-1874)

62. Alexander Sovereign, born 22 December 1814 in Middleton, Norfolk County, Upper Canada, and died 15 August 1907 in Windham, Norfolk County, Ontario, CANADA. He was the son of 124. Frederick Sovereign and 125. Mary Jane Hutchison. He married 03 March 1840 in Norfolk County, Upper Canada.
63. Eliza Putman, born 01 January 1820 in Wayne, Steuben County, NY; died 17 March 1895 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, CANADA.

126. John Putman, born before 27 September 1785 in Walpack, Sussex County, NJ; died 10 May 1863 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. He married about 1810 in probably Seneca County, NY.
127. Sarah Martin, born 07 March 1792 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ; died 21 December 1860 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of 254. Mulford Martin and 255. Betsey Rolfe.

Children of John Putman and Sarah Martin are: Peter Putman (1812-1882); Martin Mulford Putman (1816-1892); Isaac Kinnan Putman (1819-????); Eliza Putman (1820-1895); Rebecca Putman (1822-1852); Mary Putman (1825-1912); Martha Putman (1829-????); William C. Putman (1834-????)

252. Peter Victorse Putman, born about 1760 in probably Sussex County, NJ; died 03 October 1835 in Barrington, Yates County, NY. He married 20 March 1780 in Wantage, Sussex County, NJ.
253. Sarah Mary Kinnan, born June 1761 in Wantage, Sussex County, NJ; died 22 November 1841 in Springwater, Livingston County, NY. She was the daughter of 506. John Kinnan and 507. Mary Sutton.

Children of Peter Putman and Sarah Kinnan are: Victor Putman (1782-1845); John Putman (1785-1863); Peter Putman (1788-1855); David Putman (1790-????); Isaac Kinnan Putman (1797-????)

504. Victor Davidse Putman, born before 09 April 1721 in Marlborough, Monmouth County, NJ; died in Sussex County, NJ. He married about 1745 in NJ.
505. Margaret Wieser. She was the daughter of 1010. Nicholas Wieser.

Children of Victor Putman and Margaret Wieser are: Maria Putman (1749-????); Elizabeth Putman (1751-????); Sarah Putman (1753-????); David Putman (1755-????); John Putman (1757-1798); Peter Victorse Putman (1760-1835).

1008. David Janse Putman, born November 1684 in Schenectady, Schenectady County, NY; died 28 October 1761 in Pluckemin, Hunterdon County, NJ. He married about 1710 in probably Monmouth County, NJ.
1009. Helena --?--

Children of David Putman and Helena --?-- are: Cornelia Davidse Putman (1711-1800); Fykje Davidse Putman (1712-????); Johannes Davidse Putman (1714-????); Victor Davidse Putman (1721-????).

2016. Jan Victorse Pootman, born before 28 February 1644/45 in Aalburg, North Brabant, Holland; died 08 February 1689/90 in Schenectady, Schenectady County, NY. He married before 1675 in probably Albany, Albany County, NY.
2017. Cornelia Arentse Bradt, born 1655 in Rensselaerwyck, NY; died 08 February 1689/90 in Schenectady, Schenectady County, NY. She was the daughter of 4034. Arent Andries Bradt and 4035. Catalyntje De Vos.

Children of Jan Pootman and Cornelia Bradt are: Arent Janse Putman (1675-1754); Marietje Janse Putman (1678-1715); Victor Janse Putman (1680-1756); David Janse Putman (1684-1761); Cornelis Janse Putman (1685-????); Catalyntje Janse Putman (1689-????)

4032. Victor Pootman, born near Aalburg, North Brabants, Holland. He married before 1642 in HOLLAND.
4033. Marie Davids, born in Holland.

Children of Victor Pootman and Marie Davids are: Geuntjen Pootman (1643-????); Jan Victorse Pootman (1645-1690); David Pootman (1647-????); Marija Pootman (1648-????).

8064. Johannes Putman, born 1566 in Lipstadt, Westphalia; died 1658 in Goor, Holland. He married
8065. Matilda Meyer She was the daughter of 16130. Jan Meyer.

Children of Johannes Putman and Matilda Meyer are: Victor Pootman (????-????); Abraham Putman (1600-1674).

16128. Rutgerus Putman, born 1510 in Hamm, Westphalia; died 1575 in Lipstadt, Westphalia. He married
16129. Agnez Bosch, born About 1510 in Westphalia; died 1588 in Lipstadt, Westphalia.

Children of Rutgerus Putman and Agnez Bosch are: Johannes Putman (1566-1658); Abraham Putman (1567-1650).

I have done no original research on this family line. Mark Putman of Michigan has done wonderful work finding all of the Putmans in many different locations, and has recently been able to extend the line back several generations in Europe.

If you have a connection to this line of Putmans and would like to share data with Mark and myself, please email me at


geneabloggers said...

I knew that somehow you and I were cousins Randy. David Janse Putman is my 2nd Cousin 10 Times Removed - the Helena you mention is actually Helena Beekman according to Jonathan Pearson's Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany, from 1630 to 1800.

What relation is David Janse to you?

Tamura Jones said...


Two additions?

2034: Arent Andres Bradt
2035: Catherine Andreas de Vos

So says this page, that has lots of info about Johannes [Victorse] Pootman and Cornelia Arentse Bradt:

The Putman Family Bulletin: Johannes [Victorse] Pootman and Cornelia Arentse Bradt

- Tamura

Tamura Jones said...

P.S. Correction: that should of course be 4034 and 4035.

Tamura Jones said...

..and its an ancestral line through one name, so they don't belong in it.
Pardon me for mentioning them.