Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Heck

It's Tombstone Tuesday, and I've run out of my own photographs of gravestones and markers, so I'm going through my collection of "different" gravestone photos collected over the years via email and web surfing.

Today it is the Heck stone. A nice looking stone with only the name "HGeck" and a beautiful "H" at the top of the stone.

I have no idea where this gravestone is, and don't know the names of the persons that it memorializes. My guess is that there are names on the other side of the stone.

A search for the surname "Heck" on www.FindAGrave.com shows 2,981 matches, of which three have no given names. There are no pictures for two of them so it's not possible to determine if they refer to the above stone.

Does anyone know where this stone is located, and the persons that it memorializes?

Note: I do not have this family or surname in my ancestry, to my knowledge.


Susi's Quarter said...

Randy, it looks like a cousins stone. I have HECK big time in family. Double cousins stuff. IOWA.
Hubbies best friend HECK lives Ogden. He is double cousin to me. WE learned years after we were best friends that we are related. I actually have lots of Heck data if from that line.

Anonymous said...

I found a stone in Wisconsin and it only had a surname when I asked about it they said "oh the people who owns the site is still alive but paid for the stone so when they die it just needs the obi information added".
Maybe what the "Heck" did the same thing.

Susan A. Kitchens said...


This is going to win the prize for the off-topic offbeat stream of consciousness comment, but here goes. I've looked at your site more than once recently, and that standout image of the word Heck on it more than once, and each time, this is what I think of:

Allan Sherman (he of Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, and other comedy songs), and his rendition of The Rebel.

Lyrics here.

I've got a compilation album, and if (if!) I have spare time tween now and Jamboree, I'll rip the CD and copy it over to the puter that'll be with me. And play it for you.

Yours in solemn silliness,