Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some SCGS Jamboree 2010 photos

Linda and I took some photos at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank over the weekend, but many of them did not come out well. The flash on my camera stopped working so all of mine had to use natural light and required holding it still longer than usual.

Here are some photos, mainly from the Blogger's Lounge and the Blogger Summit.

1) Miriam Midkiff and Denise Levenick in the Blogger's Lounge:

2) Becky Wiseman and footnoteMaven in the Blogger's Lounge:

3) Randy and Linda Seaver in the Blogger's Lounge. Randy forgot to bring his "Genealogy is a lot like Sex" t-shirt, so had to wear his Einstein Genealogy shirt (partially obscured by his badge ribbons.

4) The ProGen study group took a picture on Friday night outside - I don't know who everybody is in this picture. I recognize Gwynn Socolich (front row, far left), Thomas MacEntee (front row, middle), Amy Coffin (front row, to right of Thomas), Randy Seaver (back row, behind Thomas), Tami Glatz (back row, back of Amy):

5) The Blogger Summit I panel - from left: Thomas MacEntee, Stephen Danko, Elyse Doerflinger, Miriam Midkiff, Randy Seaver:

6) Blogger Summit picture of genea-bloggers in attendance - 28 of us! Can anyone name all 28? I have 25 of them. Miriam Midkiff has a similar picture on her Facebook page with about 25 names.

7) Elyse Doerflinger graduated from community college on Friday. To honor our favorite college student, Tami Glatz had circulated an autograph book at NGS Conference and the Jamboree and many notable genealogists wrote encouraging words in the book for Elyse. Tami presented it to Elyse on Friday night in the Blogger's Lounge. Elyse was overwhelmed by the gift:

8) Some of the genea-bloggers posing in the Blogger's Lounge - from the left: Miriam Midkiff, Kathryn Doyle, footnoteMaven (in front center), Cheryl Palmer (in back center), Denise Levenick, Elyse Doerflinger (in back), Becky Wiseman (in front right)

9) A goodbye photo in the Blogger's Lounge on Sunday afternoon: from left: Thomas MacEntee, Joan Miller, Becky Wiseman, Randy Seaver, Susan Kitchens (center, in front), Miriam Midkiff, Craig Manson.

I didn't get good photos of many of the genea-bloggers who were fixtures in the Blogger's Lounge. Amy Coffin, Holly Hansen, A.C. Ivory and Gini Webb come to mind. There are other photos on Facebook and blog posts for many of the genea-bloggers in attendance. Maybe I'll put together a summary post of genea-bloggers.

The 2010 SCGS Genealogy Jamboree was a fantastic experience. As usual, I spent too much time in the Blogger's Lounge laughing, talking and blogging with many of my favorite people. Thank you all for making this really fun and a lasting memory.

See you all next year - Elyse wants to host a Saturday Night slumber party - that may be some real Genealogy Fun! If you missed the Jamboree this year, why don't you make plans to come next year?


Jo said...

Looks like you all had a ball - maybe in the next year or two I can join you for some fun :-) Jo

gsgenealogy said...

Hi Randy,
HA! At least in your picture my eyes are not closed. I think I fell asleep in the picture with my camera. Well, it was probably the bright sunlight. By the way I sent Myrt a get well scrapbook page from her genealogy blogging friends.