Sunday, June 13, 2010

Table of Contents - Spring 2010 Issue of American Ancestors Magazine

The Spring 2010 issue of American Ancestors magazine, published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) (the magazine was formerly called New England Ancestors) came last week.

The Table of Contents includes:

Feature Articles:

page 19 - Genealogy Goes Primetime: Who Do You Think You Are? by D. Joshua Taylor

page 22 - Brooke Shields with Gary Boyd Roberts, by Gary Boyd Roberts

page 23 - NEHGS Goes to London: A Perspective on "Who Do You Think You Are? Live" in London, by Michael J. LeClerc.

page 24 - Researching in British Archives: Three Case Studies, by Michael J. LeClerc

page 28 - From Family Folklore to Fact: Proving a Scottish Immigrant's Royal Ancestry, by John L. Scherer

page 30 - A Family's Search for Its Irish Roots: The McDonald Family of County Monaghan and Brockton, Massachusetts, by Judith Lucey

page 33 - An Introduction to Welsh Research, by Carl Boyer, 3rd

page 35 - Zipporah Potter Atkins: The Only Seventeenth Century African Woman to Purchase Land in Boston, by Vivian R. Johnson

page 39 - An Adulterous Minister, his Raving-mad Neighbor, and a Hunchback Soldier: The Correspondence of John Cotton, Jr. (1640-1699), by Sheila McIntyre

page 44 - Zebulon Wade, Pirate or Privateer? by Richard H. Benson


page 46 - Genetics & Genealogy: DNA Resolves a Wilder Ancestral Mystery, by Donald F. Hansen and Michael F. Hansen

page 49 - Manuscripts at NEHGS: "Men of Industry, Sobriety and Integrity": John Quincy Adams Reflects on his Ancestry, by Thomas R. Wilcox, Jr.

page 51 - Diaries at NEHGS: Selections from the Diaries of Emily Wise, by Robert Shaw

page 53 - Tales From the Courthouse: A Brother's Vow: "To Git Her Free," by Diane Rapaport

page 55 - Foxus on New York: Migration Paths to and from Dutchess County, New York, 1683-1820, by Frank J. Doherty, Sr.

This issue also includes letters, NEHGS program announcements, Development Office information, Education programs and tours, The Online Genealogist answers to questions, and the Family Focus section (genealogy books In progress or recently published, family associations, and DNA studies).

The NEHGS Annual Report starts on page 64, and includes a financial report. NEHGS was profitable for the year ending 31 August 2009, even though investment income value was significantly decreased.

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How is it that you have your copy already in California, and I live only 50 minutes away by car and I have received it yet? LOL!