Thursday, September 23, 2010

The elder Alexander Whittle in English Census Records

I managed to get to the San Diego Family History Center today (first time all year!) and visited the English census records on Ancestry Institution on the computer system.  Talk about really slow... but I digress!

I was after the census records for Alexander and Margaret (Mansley) Whittle - the parents of Alexander Whittle, who married Rachel Morley in 1840 and ran off to Australia to start a new life there.

Here is the 1841 English Census record in Chorley in Lancashire for Alexander Whittle:

In this record (Class: H0107; Piece: 525; Book: 8; Civil Parish: Chorley; County: Lancashire; Enumeration district: 15; Folio: 28; Page: 11; Line: 1; GSU Roll: 306911) the family includes:

*  Alexander Whittle - male, age 60, gardener, born in county
*  Margaret Whittle - female, age 60, born in county
*  Alford Whittle - male, age 15, born in county
*  Charles Brighouse - male, age 20, ????, born in county
*  Margaret Blackburn - female, age 20, born in county
*  Thomas Blackburn - male, age 3 months, born in county
*  John Worthen - male, age 40, Roper, born in county

I wonder if Margaret Blackburn is the daughter of Alexander and Margaret (Mansley) Whittle?

The 1851 English Census record in Chorley in Lancashire for Alexander Whittle:

In this record (Class: H0107; Piece: 2263; Civil Parish: Chorley; County: Lancashire; Folio: 202; Page: 62; Household #198; GSU Roll: 87288) the family resided at Whittle's court #11 and includes:

* Alexander Whittle - head, married, male, age 78, Ag laborer, born Lancaster, Charnock ??
* Margaret Whittle - wife, married, female, age 75, care of house, born Lancaster, Chorley

These ages seem to be pretty accurate - they are only one year off (baptisms in 1774 and 1777 respectively).  Unfortunately, Alexander and Rachel (Morley) Whittle had left England before the 1841 Census day so they were not recorded. 

One piece of useful information in the 1851 census is that Margaret is still living - I found an online tree that said she died in September 1850.  There are several Margaret Whittles that died in Chorley in the 1850s, I think I'll have to access the parish registers in order to figure out when Margaret died.  I think Alexander Whittle died in August 1855. 

I checked all English databases for Alexander Whittle , Jane Morley and Rachel Morley without finding much more than these two census records.  I did find John Whittle (Alexander's father) and Robert Mansley (Margaret (Mansley) Whittle's father), both of Chorley and died in 1802, are in the Probate Index.  Another record to seek and find!


Martin said...

I read the news today oh boy
Four Thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire . . .

Randy Seaver said...

And though the holes are rather small
They had to count them all ...

Who knew?