Friday, December 3, 2010

American Ancestors Magazine Table of Contents - Fall 2010 Issue

The Fall 2010 issue (Volume 11, Number 4) of American Ancestors magazine, published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, has these items in the Table of Contents:


page 17 -- Climbing Your Family Tree on A New National Resource for NEHGS Members; by Ryan J. Woods

page 23 -- The Francophone Exodus in the United States, 1840 to 1930; by Felix Lafrance

page 27 -- Tracing the Origins of Joseph Hebert; by Elizabeth Hebert

page  29 -- Bringing a Photograph to Life: The Story of Joseph L. Miner; by Megan Myrback

page 32 -- The Genealogy Services at Library and Archives Canada, with an Emphasis on French-Canadian Resources; by Nicole Watier and Sylvie Tremblay

page 34 -- Undiscovered Mayflower Lineages; by Caleb H. Johnson

page 38 -- When a Sioux Chief Met Our Grandmother: An Intersection of Two Worlds; by Cindy Haas Griffeth and Bill Haas

page 41 -- Chance Bradstreet (1762-1810), Servant of Abraham Dodge of Ipswich, Massachusetts; by Christopher Challender Child


page 44 -- Genetics and Genealogy: The Gray Family of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Clues to the Origin of Jabez Warren of Lebanon, Connecticut and Brimfield, Massachusetts; by George Edward Gray

page 47 -- Manuscripts at NEHGS:  Recently Acquired Genealogical Charts: Depictions of the Cooper, Folger, and fox fa milies; by Timothy G.X. Salls, Jr. and Thomas R. Wilcox, Jr.

page 49 -- Diaries at NEHGS:  A Selection from the Diary of Robert Allen Hayden; by Robert Shaw

page 51 -- Tales from the Courthouse:  Freeing Joan Jackson: The Precarious Status of a New London house; by Diane Rapaport

page 53 -- Focus on New York:  Serendipity in New York Genealogy: My Personal Experiences; by John L. Scherer

NEHGS members can view or download this issue by clicking here.

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