Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best of the Genea-blogs will arrive later in the day...

Never fear, the Best of the Genea-blogs will be online later this afternoon.

We spent the weekend in Julian celebrating Linda's birthday in one of our favorite hideaway spots, and will get home just in time for the Charger/Raiders game.  Then there's the post-game celebration and highlights, and dinner time... so maybe after 7 p.m. Pacific time.  Or not!  If not, I'll amend this post.


footnoteMaven said...


It is far more important to create "The Best Of With Family In The Real World" than to be a slave to your online life. We will all be here next week.

Go enjoy! And a very Happy Birthday to Angel Linda!


Kathryn Doyle said...

Happy birthday to Linda! As for the celebrating – NOT! Go Raiders!

Randy Seaver said...

Well, there was no postgame celebration here -
I don't want to see highlights of THAT again.

Me, a slave to an online life? Hmmm, I was shackled in the B&B room for awhile...with no wifi or connection. Escaped to the Juilian library for an hour, though!

KD - thanks for not rubbing it in too badly. They played a great game, I thought.