Monday, December 6, 2010

Book Announcement: Atlas of East and Coastal Georgia Watercourses and Military Districts

Reader Paul Graham sent the announcement of his new book last week:

Paul K. Graham., ATLAS OF EAST AND COASTAL GEORGIA WATERCOURSES AND MILITIA DISTRICTS,  The Genealogy Company, 2010. 80 pgs, paperback, black-and-white interior, $14.95 plus shipping.

The description of the book is:

This atlas contains 50 individual county maps encompassing the east and coastal areas of Georgia granted under the headright land system.  It is designed to help genealogists locate ancestors using historical records that identify streams and militia districts, such as deeds, tax digests, and census enumerations. Each map shows watercourses, militia districts (boundaries, numbers, and names), and current incorporated areas.

Each county is presented on a single page, giving researchers a quick reference that can easily be copied and used for note taking. Three indexes help researchers find militia districts by number, militia districts by name, and watercourses by county.

Land descriptions in Georgia’s headright area refer to watercourses and adjoining land owners to identify boundaries. Tax, census, and other government records are arranged by militia district. Many tax digests also include references to watercourses. Because of their use in legal documents, watercourses and militia districts are the two most important features for locating land and the places people lived in the headright area of Georgia. This book is meant to provide a map reference to those features.

For more information, visit the author's website at or the book's page on (

The atlas was recently reviewed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper (

The Introduction to the book, with links to references and a map of the treated area, is posted at

This appears to be a very useful book for researchers with Georgia ancestry.  If location-location-location is one of the mantras of location-based genealogy, then this is book is probably indispensable for family history in eastern and coastal Georgia.

Disclosure: I was not offered any remuneration for this announcement. 

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