Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exploring WikiTree - Post 7: Adding Family Tree Widgets to your blog or website

WikiTree just announced that their Family Tree Widgets are being officially released today.  You can read the press release at GeneaPress here. 

The WikiTree "Embeddable Family Tree Widgets" page has much more information.

Here is an example from my own tree (note: tree doesn't show in RSS readers):

This is wonderfully easy to do:

1)  Read the Embeddable Family Tree Widget page for the directions and the choices of tree types and background types. 

2)  The page provides embeddable HTML code that you have to put into your blog post or web page.  Copy it from the WikiTree page and paste it into your blog page or web page (you will probably have to be in the HTML mode to do this - I did using "old" Blogger; then click back to "Compose" and the image is there!).

3)  Go to your own WikiTree (yes, you have to have a WikiTree account and family tree to do this!) and select the person you want to be #1 in your tree.  Select that profile in your tree, and note the URL at the top of your browser.  It should be something like "Seaver-27" - that's what my father's ID number is in the WikiTree system. 

4)  In the HTML code that you pasted into your blog post or web site, modify the first line from "Sample-7" to the WikiTree Profile ID number - in my case, I made it "Seaver-27" so my father would be #1 in the tree.

5)  Be sure to leave the "/2" in the HTML code - that tells WikiTree which tree type to select from the database!

I think this is really cool!  Thank you, WikiTree!  I can see many uses for this in trying to entice my extended family to participate online - I can add them to my family newsletters as images.

Here's another one for my great-great-grandfather, Isaac Seaver (note: tree doesn't show in RSS readers):

On this last one, the pedigree lines should be wider so that it is obviously a tree and not just some names on the image.  Once you get back before 1850 or so, pictures are usually not available to use.
Do my readers understand why I've been writing about WikiTree?  Once I saw these widgets about two weeks ago, I knew that I had to have them.

See DearMYRTLE's post Those WikiTree Widgets are officially out of beta  for more information, and links to posts showing her widgets.

UPDATED 1:45 p.m.:  I noted that the tree image doesn't show up in my Google Reader, and may not show up in any RSS reader because it is HTML.  I'm hopeful that it will show up in  the email feed. I'm not an expert in this - you can probably tell!

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Chris Whitten said...

Randy & Readers,

Today we added two new styles: Ten generation paternal and maternal lines. These could be handy for illustrating genetic connections (Y-DNA or mtDNA) or surnames.

We also added one that you, Randy, suggested: A tree for Irish families, with a map of Ireland in the background.

That makes 16 different options to choose from. And we'll be adding more.

If anybody has suggestions for different variations they'd like to see, or ideas for completely different widgets, please post them here or e-mail me at chris at wikitree.com.