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Surname Saturday - LNU (????? > Rhode Island)

It's Surname Saturday, and I'm "counting down" my Ancestral Name List each week. I am up to number 191,  who is Anna LNU (about 1742- before 1831), one of my 5th-great-grandmothers. [Note: The 5th great-grandfathers have been covered in earlier posts] 

In reality, I don't know her surname - so I've called it "LNU" for "Last Name Unknown."  Others would put "--?--" as her sutrname until it is identified, and others would just use "Unknown."  I wrote everything I know about Anna LNU in The Elusive Anna Kenyon (ca 1742-????, wife of John Kenyon) and have learned nothing since.

My ancestral line back to Anna LNU (also known as Anna --?--) is:

1.  Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-....)

2.  Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983)
3.  Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002)

4.  Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
5.  Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962)

10.  Thomas Richmond (1848-1917)
11.  Julia White (1848-1912)

22.  Henry Arnold White (1824-1885)
23.  Amy Frances Oatley (1826-before 1870)

46.  Jonathan Oatley (1790-1872)
47.  Amy Champlin (1798-1865)

94.  Joseph Champlin (1758-1850)
95.  Nancy Kenyon (1765-????)

190.  John Kenyon, son of Sylvester Kenyon and Anna Barber, was born about 1742 in Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island. He died in July 1831 in Sterling, Windham, Connecticut. He married Anna in 1764 in probably Rhode Island.
191. Anna --?-- was born about 1742 in Rhode Island. She died before 1831 in probably Windham, Connecticut. 

The children of John Kenyon and Anna --?-- are: 

i. Nancy Kenyon, born about 1765 in Washington County, RI. She married Joseph Champlin before 1785 in prob. South Kingstown, Washington County, RI; born about 1758 in Charlestown, Washington County, RI; died 17 June 1850 in South Kingstown, Washington County, RI.

ii. Lewis Kenyon, born about 1767 in Washington County, RI. He married Elizabeth Austin.

iii. Sylvester Kenyon, born about 1769 in Washington County, RI; died 1838. He married Polly Vaughn 08 June 1817 in Sterling, Windham County, CT.

iv. Almy Kenyon, born about 1770 in Washington County, RI. She married Perkins.

v. Abigail Kenyon, born about 1772 in Washington County, RI. She married Warren.

vi. Cynthia Kenyon, born about 1773 in Washington County, RI.

vii. Mary Kenyon, born about 1774 in Voluntown, New London County, CT; died June 1810. She married William Dixon.

viii. John Kenyon, born 10 May 1776 in Richmond, Washington County, RI. He married Susanna Thurston 14 April 1799; born 12 December 1779 in Sterling, Windham County, CT.

ix. George Kenyon, born about 1778 in Exeter, Washington County, RI; died 21 March 1850 in Sterling, Windham County, CT. He married Sarah; born October 1780; died 11 June 1834 in Sterling, Windham County, CT.

My own ancestry is through Nancy Kenyon, who married Joseph Champlin.

One idea is that the father of Anna was named Lewis or George, the other two names of their sons (since John Kenyon's father's name was Sylvester).  But without a surname, it is pretty much a hopeless task to find a father using that method.

Hope does spring eternal - my hope is that the land records and probate records of Rhode Island are all digitized (hint hint, FamilySearch!) and there will be a revelation in a deed or will or distribution that will name Anna, wife of John Kenyon in the record. 

Anna maiden name is particular important to me because this is my father's Mitochondrial DNA line - the matrilineal line.  That may prove to be another fertile field for research, but I need to convince one of my female cousins to provide the DNA sample.  There are a number of candidates!

Does anyone else have this particular Anna (LNU) Kenyon in their ancestry? 

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Martin said...

You don't think she was Anna Almy? She names a child Almy and there's a huge Almy family in Rhode Island.