Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - use the U.S. Military Indexes site


Today's Tuesday's Tip is:  Use the U.S. Military Indexes (http://www.militaryindexes.com/) site to find information and online databases with United States military records.

On this site created by data portal whiz Joe Beine, there are sections for the major wars that the United States participated in, including:

* Revolutionary War
*  War of 1812
*  Mexican-American War
*  Civil War
*  Spanish-American War
*  World War One (World War I)
*  World War Two (World War II)
*  Korean War (Korean conflict)
*  Vietnam War

In general, each page has a listing of online databases at a national level, and then at the state level, with each state identified.  Collections on some subscription services are listed with a "requires payment" note.

This site is my "go-to" data portal when I'm searching for military records online.

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