Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mark Tucker's Vision on What Genealogy Software Should Be

Did you read Mark Tucker (who writes the Think Genealogy blog) has written GenPerfect - My Ideal Genealogy software.  His critical paragraph:

"What do I think it should look like? What implications does that have on a data model? As a user, what is my vision of the perfect genealogy software?"

I love "out-of-the-box" thinking, which is probably normal for Mark, but unusual in myself and most everybody else.  Genea-smacked is my reaction.  Excellent suggestions, and a vision of the genealogy software of the future.

Genealogy software developers need to take Mark's suggestions and examples to heart - the developer that makes something like this work will sweep the genealogy field, in my humble opinion.

Website developers that enable the interactions with software that Mark suggests will also gain a step on their competition. 

Mark's suggestions go much further than the Better GEDCOM efforts currently being developed, and much further than the Internet Search features currently available in the software packages.  Rather than tacking on patches and fixes, Mark's vision is a whole new ball game.

You need to read this blog post if you read nothing else today!

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