Thursday, June 16, 2011

Check Out my Wikid at WikiTree!

I just saw the press release about the Wikid Shareable Tree on GeneaPress, and thought that I would try it.  Here's my Wikid tree:

I love it!  It works best, I think, when there are pictures of your ancestors, and most of us have few, if any, pictures of our great-great-grandparents (I do have 9 out of 16). 

The Wikid seems to be created only for the creator of the family tree on WikiTree. I tried to do one for my father and my mother and it created one for me.
This type of thing would be a great Christmas present for my siblings and my children - clip the image, print it out in color, put it in a frame and, voila, an instant and different family tree!  Cheap, but useful! 

Now I'm wondering why no one on my tree looks like me!  Perhaps it's because of the age of the persons in the photos on the tree.  I must have got my hair gene from Charley Auble!

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Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing this information and your tree. It looks beautiful. Yours and your father's hair are different but you sure look like him.

Chris Whitten said...

Thanks, Randy!

The Wikid Shareable Tree should be available for anyone with the "Private with Public Family Tree" privacy setting or higher.

This is you:

This is your father:

This is your mother:

This is an awesome picture: