Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Started Videos on

... recently added four short Getting Started videos to their website - at

clicking on the purple "Start Watching" button takes you to the screen with the first video and links to all of the videos:

The  four videos cover:

Step 1: Finding Easy Information (3:07) - Memory, Home, Relatives

Step 2:  Recording and Sharing Your Family History (3:03) - Written History, Record Keeping (Forms, Software, Websites)

Step 3:  Finding Challenging Information (3:44) - Principles, Record Types

Step 4:  Using (3:10)

At the bottom of each page, there are summaries, with links, to describe the key points made on each video:

These four videos are short and succinct, are very well done, and impart the basic information needed for persons to get started.

 Of course, there are many more, and longer, videos on the Research Courses page -

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