Thursday, June 16, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Lyle Carringer's High School Diploma

For Treasure Chest Thursday this week, I'm presenting my grandfather's high school diploma:

The transcription of this diploma is:

San Diego High School
San Diego, California

Be it known that Lyle Lawrence Carringer
has completed with Credit the Course of Study prescribed for 
Graduation from this School and is hereby awarded this Diploma

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our Hands and affixed the
Seal of the Board of Education this twenty-sixth
Day of June, nineteen hundred and fourteen.

E. R. Watson, President
J.G. Jones, Clerk
Duncan MacKinnon, Superintendent
Arthur Gould, Principal

I could not decipher the Superintendent's name from the signature - I guessed "Duncan MacTienon."  A  Google search turned up "Douglas MacKinnon."  I think it's "Duncan MacKinnon!"

Lyle was age 22 when he graduated from high school.  He was aged 11 when he was in 4th grade in 1903.  He was an intelligent youth and man - why was he four years behind in school?  I think that he started school two or three years late due to his size and health.  I think that he took time away from school to work at the Marston Company in downtown San Diego during the 1905 to 1914 time period. He continued working there until he retired in 1961.

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