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Some Sparsely Indexed Census Databases on

There are quite a few databases on that are indexed only sparsely - they don't have every name indexed, for whatever reason.  A "global search" for a person's name, even when a location is specified, will not produce matches for persons in these databases. Some of these databases may be part of Ancestry's World Archives Project and an every-name index will be provided at a later date.  Some, or perhaps most, of the databases listed below are indexed using OCR (Optical Character Resolution) techniques.  Without checking each one, it is difficult to tell.

However, many of the sparsely indexed databases are there, just waiting for an enterprising genealogy researcher to browse them, and find the hidden nuggets of family history information hiding in them.  They are only found by perusing the Card Catalog for the specific state or country.

I went through the Census and Voter Records card catalog entries looking for these "nuggets" and found these (I haven't listed every one...):

* Boston, Massachusetts, Census, 1707 --

* Nova Scotia 1770 census --

* 1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements --

* State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787 --

* Inhabitants of New Hampshire, 1776 --

* The Rhode Island 1777 Military Census --

* The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia --

* Families of Cabarrus County North Carolina 1792-1815 --

* Lists of inhabitants in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1800 or before --

* Botetourt County, Va., 1785 enumeration --

* Tenth legion tithables (Rockingham Division) Rockingham County, Virginia : tithables for 1792, a list of all the white males ab --

* 1810 census of Augusta County, Virginia --

* 1810 census of Botetourt County, Virginia --

* 1810 Frederick County, Virginia census --

* 1810 census of Giles County, Virginia --

* Third census of the United States (1810 census), Clark County, Kentucky --

* 1810 census of Montgomery County, Virginia --

* 1810 census of Bath County, Virginia --

* Census of 1810, Nicholas County, Kentucky --

* Census of 1810, Jessamine County, Kentucky --

* Third census of the United States (1810 census), Lincoln County, Kentucky --

* Russell County, Virginia, census of 1820 --

* [1800] Census of Delaware County, New York --

* Otsego County, New York, U.S. Census of 1800, for the towns of Cherry Valley (all) and Middlefield (part) : names of heads of families --

* 1800 census, Clinton County, New York --

* 1855 town of Brant census, Erie County, New York --

* Population index to the 1855 Baldwin County [Alabama] census --

* 1860 Columbia County, Oregon census --

* 1850 census, San Joaquin County --

* The 1860 census records of Sawamish County, Washington Territory --

* The first census of the original counties of Dubuque and Demoine (Iowa) taken in July, 1836 --

* Free Negro owners of slaves in the United States in 1830 : together with Absentee ownership of slaves in the United States in 1830 --

* County Cork, Ireland, a Collection of 1851 Census Records --

* 1880 census, Spokane County, Washington Territory --

* The Children's Aid Society of New York --

What other census records are not completely indexed on  Add them to Comments and I'll add them to this list.

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