Saturday, June 18, 2011

My daughter's Father's Day Facebook photo

There is this meme status line going around Facebook this week:

"In honor of Father's Day I'm trying to see how many are willing to change your profile picture to a picture of your father and keep it there till June 19th. If you will and like this idea, please re-post this as your status, so everyone gets the word out and see how many wonderful fathers we can get on FB."

Here is the photo that one of my daughter's is using:

Here is the one I'm using:

That;s my father, not my daughter's father!


GeneJ said...

Love this.

From the contrast between the two selections, we genealogists might "infer" much, no?

footnoteMaven said...

Oh, Grandpa. Too cute.


P.S. And you are in person as well.