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New FamilySearch Family Tree - Post 11: A Mysterious Error Message in RootsMagic 4

Previous posts in this series can be read in the New FamilySearch Family Tree Compendium. As mentioned in earlier posts, a researcher needs to have registered for a free FamilySearch account, and be granted access to newFamilySearch (currently, only LDS church members and selected non-members, including me), in order to access the NewFamilySearch Family Tree. FamilySearch has stated that the system might be open to everyone in late 2011.

In posts 7 to 10, I demonstrated using RootsMagic 4 to access the newFamilySearch Family Tree, and to add persons, events and places to the newFamilySearch database.

However, I've run into a problem that I don't know how to solve, and need the help of FamilySearch experts (I think, maybe I'm just doing something stupid - I hope they will tell me!).  Here is the sequence of events I've experienced numerous times:

1)  From the RootsMagic 4 Family View for Amy Frances Oatley (1826-ca 1870), I clicked on the FamilySearch icon to the right of Amy's name and the FamilySearch Person Tools for Amy appeared:

I entered Amy's birth and death information, and wanted to add her parents to the newFamilySearch database.  In the screen above, I clicked on the box next to her father's name, and the popup window opened asking "Add as a new father in FamilySearch?"  That was the only option offered, so I clicked "OK."

2)  The screen for finding possible matches to persons already in FamilySearch opened, and there was one match, so I clicked on that and told newFamilySearch to match that person with the person in my RootsMagic tree:

3)  On the screen above, I clicked on "Continue" and it went back to the FamilySearch Person Tool screen, and I got an error message screen:

The error message says "Unable to update a person's children" and "A relationship version is required for a relationship update."  There is a "See details" link, and after clicking that it added "Error #400: A relationship version is required for a relationship update." 

That doesn't really tell me what to do - it reiterates what it previously said.

I clicked "OK" and the name of Amy's father turned green on the FamilySearch Person Tool screen, and it seems to act as if everything is good to go.

4)  When I go into newFamilySearch, and go find Jonathan Oatley, or any other person's parent that I've entered using the above process that was matched to someone already in newFamilySearch, and click on their Summary screen, I see:

The data I entered is in the newFamilySearch system (I can tell because I'm the only one that's entered the place name according to the Standard Finder).  The information for the spouse and children of Jonathan Oatley is also correct in newFamilySearch. 

So it appears that the error message doesn't matter, but it has concerned me for several weeks now.  Up until now, I've ignored trying to complain about it.  Is there something that I should be doing to ensure that there is a relationship version?  

5)  Here is the screen for the relationship of Amy Oatley to her parents in RootsMagic:

The relationship of Amy Frances Oatley to her father, Jonathan Oatley, is shown as "Birth" as is her relationship to her mother, Amy Champlin.  However, the "Proof" field is empty.  Is that the problem?  Or is it something else?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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