Sunday, June 12, 2011

SCGS Jamboree - Post 3: Saturday Genealogy Fun

Saturday at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree was a never-ending stream of sharing, listening, writing, tweeting, etc. for many of the genea-bloggers.  For some of us, it ended with a superb Geneabloggers pajama party with a fitting climax - read on!

I managed to put a blog post together in the morning about Friday afternoon, and wandered through the exhibit hall, and before 10 a.m. we all went off to participate and observe the Blogger Summit I and II panels.  This was supposed to be a webinar, but that was called off before the event.  I was on the Blogger I panel with Lisa Louise Cooke, Amy Coffin and Nancy Loe, moderated by Thomas MacEntee.  We answered Thomas "set-up" questions and also questions from the audience.  Then I sat  in the audience for the Blogger Summit II with Elyse Doerflinger, Dick Eastman, Kathryn Doyle and Joan Miller.

Then it was lunch time (a hot dog again), and back to Blogger Island, and the exhibit hall.  I wrote the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post.  Somehow it got to be 5 p.m. and I hadn't done anything but snack, talk, write, and enjoy my colleagues on Blogger Island! 

I gathered Linda, we enjoyed the popcorn social, I had my picture taken with the ProGen group, and we joined Gini and Steve Webb, Emma, AC Ivory, Cheryl Palmer, and Angela Kraft, at Subway across the street.

It was almost 8 p.m. when we got back, and we went to our room and got our pajamas on, and went down to the Pajama Party.  That was fun... there are pictures but I don't have them.  We were a pretty loud group hanging out in blogger Heaven, and the folks coming out of the SCGS dinner were a bit surprised to see a group in their PJs.  Steve Danko wore a nifty black and white outfit, Sheri Fenley had her fuzzy red outfit on, Heather Rojo was in New England colonial nightgown and bonnet, etc.  Some dressed, some didn't, all had fun.  After awhile, Sheri grabbed Peter the Parrot pinata and we all trouped outside to an open area where some took turns whacking the pinata.  Dan Lynch succeeded in breaking it with a might whack and the candy spilled onto the floor.  We took some group pictures and that was the end of the festivities.  It was fun.  Thomas MacEntee, sat on the sidelines with a look of amazement and amusement on his face, no doubt thinking "what hath Thomas wrought!"

One more day - more later!

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