Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Write a Poem on "Where I'm From"

Hey there, Genea-Nauts -- It's Saturday Night, and time for more Genealogy Fun!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Write a poem about "Where I'm From" using the template found at the website

2)  Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Google Plus or Facebook note.

Thank you to Kevin Huigens of the Family History Nuggets blog for the SNGF suggestion!

Here's mine:

Randy's From Where?

I am from an all grown up small town,
from Rice Krispies and store-bought clothes.

I grew up in a Victorian house with no porches
with angled walls and secret places.
I am from coral trees and boysenberry bushes,
from jacaranda trees with purple flowers.

My San Diego is sun and beach,
sunburn, body surfing and sand castles.
Cavemen, Padres, Chargers and Aztecs,
football in the street, bareball in the park,
bicycles, flexies and scooters, newspaper routes,
berry sales, Piggly Wiggly and five-and-dime stores.

I am from Seavers and Carringers,
from Aubles and Richmonds,
hard working, easy playing,
laughing, learning, and loving.

I am from a family of encouragers
and triers and second place winners.
From "never give up," "do your best"
and "well done, you tried hard."

I am from Episcopalians and agnostics,
and turned into a Presbyterian. 

I'm from Chula Vista, Leominster,
McCook, Oak Grove, Sandy Lake, Aurora,
Killingly, Townsend, Sterling,
colonial America, Wiltshire and Somerset.

From the snake oil salesman, the house painter,
the blacksmith, the farmer,
the carpenter, the wheelwright,
and all of the homemakers.

I am from folks in faded and crumbling pictures,
from homes with wood stoves and straw beds,
from sod houses and salt box houses,
from towns built in the wilderness
by the indomitable human spirit.

If I can do it, you can do it!  It's amazing what memories and thoughts come to mind when you write about "Where I'm From." 

Thank you, Kevin for the idea and the inspiration.


Susan S. Frederick said...

I am from station wagons, Kraft macaroni & cheese and dairy farms.
I am from the modest house that my father built by hand, filled with the aroma of home cooking and a family of girls.
I am from the maple tree, the pansies and nasturtiums growing in the flower beds, and the storms that came from the west.
I am from family camping trips, and being quiet (most of the time), from Daddy and Mamma and my big sisters.
I am from hard-working people and those who love to read and learn.
From the story of my father’s mother (and how she almost lost them all) and my grandmother’s sugar cookies, that were in a bowl on her kitchen table.
I am from Methodists, and later became Catholic.
I'm from Stephenson County, Illinois just south of Wisconsin, land of German immigrants. I’m from meat loaf, corn-on-the-cob and pitchers of Kool-Aid in the summer.
I’m from the practical jokes that my father’s brothers played on each other, especially the one about the pony, the time that the doctor came by hand car to deliver my mother, and the little bit of crazy in the family.
I am from the boxes in my dining room, and those stored at my sister’s home, the courthouses and archives of Illinois, the libraries and cemeteries I’ve visited, and all those places on my “to-do” lists. Invaluable and no longer taken for granted.

Caro said...

Thanks for this excellent SNGF challenge, Randy. I really enjoyed it. You can find my entry here:

Dorene from Ohio said...

Randy - Here is my post for tonight's SNGF. Thanks for the challenge!

Genealady said...

Great idea and lots of fun!

Here's mine:

GenieBeth said...

Which McCook? I grew up 25 miles from McCook, NE and went there often as a kid. Very creative and fun idea.

footnoteMaven said...

I know where I'm from -


Susan Clark said...

Wonderful! I'm too tired from traveling to all the where I'm from places these past weeks but had to give a shout out to McCook. I've in-laws there.

Tonia said...

Another excellent SNGF. . .here's mine.

Unknown said...

Great fun, Randy. Thanks. Here's mine:

Cherie said...

My poor neglected blog thanks you for coming up with such a fun assignment!

Read mine at: Still Digging for Roots

Unknown said...

Thanks Randy this was great fun.
I truly enjoyed it. You can find my post "Where I'm from" here

Julie said...

I know day late, but didn't see it till this am :D It was fun thank you Randy!

Julie's From Where?
I am from the sunny hill country, from peaches, apples and Longaberger Baskets.

I am from an adobe home is the shinning sun from a bungalow shaded under a maple tree on a quiet little street in an awakening town.
I am from the land of the Maple, Pine and the mighty oak. Graced for a time with the mighty Saguaro, the state flower I dwelt under as a very young child.

I am from Terrill, McCartney, Upson, Ogilvie and many more. From hard workers, make doers, from preachers and teacher all who had joy and sorrow and lives like us all.

I am from the farmer that plowed the fields or gathered fruit and the minister who tended to a different kind of fruit and tended a loving flock.

I am from a family that thought of others and believed in the golden rule. We were told to do our best and to be happy in our circumstances but to want to improve them if we could. To understand that it not what one makes, but what one leaves is important.

I am from the Puritan, Presbyterian all seeking to praise their Lord in freedom. I know enjoy that freedom as a Baptist.

I'm from the Firelands stretching all the way back to the landing place of my ancestors in the city on the hill. Benton, Rawlings, New Haven, Ashtabula, Yorkshire and Perthshire are places that were called home. I am from corn beef and cabbage to Waldorf salad.

From the veterinarians turned doctors, the soldiers and the chemists and all the ladies that stood beside them.

I am from lake sides, riversides and mountains grand, a back yard safe and secure to the tram climbing some majestic mountain side. From an orchard that surrounds a cozy cape cod, to a loving home by the side of the road.
I am from all these and more. I hale from Ancient blood and foreign lands. I am the culmination of all these.

Kristin said...

Finally got mine finished and posted on Finding Eliza at

Enjoyed doing this and reading other's poems.

genie holt said...

I love your poem. It gave me inspiration and/or courage to try. The original links seemed a little overwhelming, but your poem made me think I can do it.

Bill West said...

Mine's at

Unknown said...

You can find my poem at Where I'm From, an Adaptation on my genealogy blog, Searching for Roots and Branches.

Claire said...

I'm a bit late. Love this!!!! Here's mine


Unknown said...

Judi Carroll-Thompson
I am from the hills, fields and meadows of rural Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where homemade donut, cookies, raisin bread, butter made from apples grown on trees in the back yard met you at the front door of a place called home.
I am from a small home surrounded with rolling fields to run and play with caves to roam with siblings and friends. Where children were free to be themselves, whether black or white and knew no difference until starting school. Where the men worked and the women stayed home, cared for their homes and children. Where the laundry was hung or a line and smelled so good from the fresh air.
I am from the green meadows with yellow wild flowers in the summer with trees that turn beige, orange and red in the autumn and become covered with snow in the winter before blooming in the beautiful spring of the year.
I am from two young parents, six o’clock dinnertime and a spanking when necessary. I’m from trips to see extended family members in the city during the holidays with the best cooks ever. I’m from homemade cinnamon buns, yeast rolls not to mention the roast and freshly picked collard greens. Not be eaten until blessing was said with all the family members present.
I’m from the Woodard family with nine sisters and brothers that united to support each other after the death of their parent at a young age. I’m from the Woodard, Carroll, Watkins, Young, Harris and Bailey families who left Alabama following the coalmining industry to the mines of West Virginia and Indiana, Pennsylvania. Best of all I came about because they met up and past it on to me, us, family. I’m from parents that stated, “I can’t is not an option” and you must do the best you can before letting go. From a family that taught us all people are equal and treat each other with respect. From a family that believes you better yourself by getting an education, you can do what you believe you can do and whatever you do, don’t act a fool wherever you go.
I am from small a conservative African-American Baptist church that preaches, sings, and encourages all members to become active in their doings and communities. From a family that believes Sunday is the Lords day and church was a must go. I am from the family rules after the religious foundation was laid, that encouraged experienced with others outside of family members. I am from a family that as we aged, friends exposed us to other religious denominations as Methodist, Catholic, Holiness and Jewish.
I'm from families that mostly originate from Africa and Europe, came to America willingly or not, through the original colonies and throughout the southern states and participated in the great migration to the north and west. I am from families that survived the torments of slavery, fought for freedom, worked hard and continue searching and working to ensure the United States of America lives up to its promise. I carry the challenge of ensuring our story is documented and told.