Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RootsTech 2012 App Available for Download to iOS and Android Units

I downloaded the RootsTech 2012 app to my iPhone this morning.  You can download the app, for Free, from the Apple iFreeware store or the Android Market.  Here is a screenshot of the app (on an Android tablet, the one on my phone is similar):

The different buttons on the Dashboard are:

*  My Schedule - lists the events I want to attend

*  Maps - maps of the Exhibit Hall and the Salt Palace

*  Events -- All, Developer, or User tracks.  I can favorite any of these and they go onto My Schedule

* Speakers  - a short biography, and their event summaries, is provided

*  Conference Documents - information about the conference, exhibitors, two keynote speakers, the demo theater schedule and the unconferencing schedule.  It can be downloaded to the device, or emailed to the user

*  Photo Gallery - I can add pictures to the gallery taken by my camera.  There are some extraneous pictures in the app for some reason - nobody I recognize.

*  Videos - a list of FamilySearch YouTube videos (about 20 right now) that you can watch on your device.

*  Twitter - finds all tweets with the #RootsTech hashtag.  This will be interesting in the different sessions!

*  Friends - friends are added by exchanging friend codes.  You can enter a friend code or request a friend code.  The Twitter feed is active with folks exchanging their codes.  Mine is 978-758.

*  News - an RSS feed for selected genealogy Official Bloggers.  Right now, I see only Dick Eastman, Joan Miller, and TechTips.

Once I had the App loaded, and added several Events to My schedule, the top of the app shows "Upcoming Schedule" with the next item an my list (with date and time, but not location).

This should be very useful while at the conference. Methinks this conference is going to be heavy on technology - so much so that not much real blogging will get done!

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Linda Edwards said...

How cool is that? Think they'll have it at NGS in May?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

That seems odd that there's an RSS feed for Joan when she isn't going to be there!


Gen Innovations said...

Very cool App.

Regarding friend codes - I posted mine as you did above and soon realized it was not working.

I emailed support who told me that the friend code can only be used once. You must generate a new code - not very social - for each new friend. I hope they get over that so that we can post our codes to twitter etc. and be more social.

Margie said...

Sadly the Android app does not work. Downloaded the app, then downloaded Week at a Glance. Tried to open but the app can't find it. Tried searching for it manually, can't find it on the phone.
Back to paper and pencil.

Margie said...

I contacted the creator for the RootsTech apps. They have duplicated the problem using the Android phone.
They are working to correct the problem.
The Events work and the My Schedule works, the Conference Docs is the one I had trouble with and they are working on.
Their response was quick when I brought it to their attention.

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

Randy, are you sure your friend number is 978758? I can't enter it, so I e-mailed Jeff Wagg at Core Apps and he gave me his and it works fine. He thinks I got a bad number from you. LOL. Confused, Paul.

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

I didn't read Mark Olsen's response above. Crazy.