Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tamura Jones Posts on Genealogy Blogs, Industry, Trends, and Awards

Tamura Jones writes the Modern Software Experience blog/website, and often scoops the news and genealogy blogs on genealogy software and website issues.  He also writes summaries based on his experience and perception.

In the past two weeks, he has written:

Genealogy Blog Awards 2011 (16 December 2011) - categories are Funniest Genealogy Blog, Best Reanimated Genealogy Blog, Best New Community Blog, and Best New Community Project. 

 (22 December 2011) - genealogy websites in Beta development during 2011.

 (28 December 2011) - Genealogy industry and technology developments during 2011.

 (29 December 2011) - all about integration and collaboration.

 (30 December 2011) - the Best and Worst of Genealogy 2011.

These all provide significant information, and Tamura's opinion, on the subjects, and are well worth the time to peruse. 

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