Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites - Genea-Musings is #90!

GenealogyInTime Magazine has published a listing of the Top 100 Genealogy Websites as of January 2012 (based on the website traffic rankings). 

There are some genealogy blogs on the list:

19.  Dick Eeastman's  Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

57.  John D. Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections

81.  Leland Meitzler's Genealogy Blog

83.  Thomas MacEntee's Geneabloggers

87.  Chris Paton's British GENES

90.  Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings

Here is a screen capture of the bottom of the list:

My understanding of these website traffic statistics is that they are based on visits and page views to the website.  I am unclear if RSS feeds "count" toward the statistics.  If not, then blogs are penalized, and have higher traffic/readers than this list indicates.

GenealogyInTime has categorized Family Tree sites (e.g., Geni, Mundia, WikiTree, WeRelate) as "genealogy forum" sites, lumped in with true forums or message boards (like Genealogy Wise). 

I'm confused by the relatively high ranking of #11 FamilyLink, and its category of "search engine."  Who visits the site, and why?  A search engine for what?

A typo at #39 - it's "Interment" not "Internment."  Many writers do this and spell check doesn't catch it.

At #40, Genealogy Today is mainly an "ancestral records" site rather than a "genealogy magazine."

At #78, Distant Cousins is listed as a "search engine" but I think it is really an "ancestral records" site.

The only websites that I had never heard of were the sysoon and Locate Grave sites.

I'm happy to see that Genea-Musings cracked the Top 100!

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Chris said...

I just checked the list and saw that they corrected the typo for number 39.

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Congratulations Randy, and to the other bloggers on this list!