Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ICAPGEN Mentoring Classes on Video

Reading my blog list today, I noted that Renee Zamora and Angela McGhie had posted about the ICAPGEN Mentoring Classes that are now freely available on video on the ICAPGEN website at  The videos show the Powerpoint presentation and the speaker (in a format similar to the FamilySearch Research Courses).  Each video is 15 to 40 minutes in length.

The Mentoring Classes available on video include:

* Mentoring Class: Introduction to ICAPGen
* Mentoring Class: Application Forms
* Mentoring Class: Choosing a Four-Generation Project / Methodology
* Mentoring Class: Research Binder
* Mentoring Class: Working with Documents
* Mentoring Class: Citing Sources
* Mentoring Class: History, Geography, and Timelines
* Mentoring Class: Evidence Analysis, Part 1
* Mentoring Class: Evidence Analysis, Part 2
* Mentoring Class: Writing a Quality Research Report* Mentoring Class: Pedigree Analysis
Mentoring Class: Written Exam and Oral Review

I reviewed the Citing Sources and Evidence Analysis class videos.  The "Evidence Analysis" classes are excellent, discussing the Genealogical Proof Standard and providing real world examples for evaluating evidence.  The "Citing Sources" presentation reviews the types of source citations, briefly describes several different standards, and provides some examples of typical source citations (but some of them do not follow the Evidence! Explained standards). 

These videos can be useful for genealogists wanting to be accredited by ICAPGEN or wanting more information about these subjects.

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