Friday, June 8, 2012

SCGS Jamboree Day #2

Round tables, speaker presentations, exhibit vendors, red carpets, tiaras, lights, camera, action!  That was Friday at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree for me.  Unfortunately, I cannotp ost pictures from my files on Blogger now from my laptop...but that's OK, because I didn't take many pictures today until the evening Hollywood Gala.

We were down to the blogger lounge at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, and I went off to the round table meetings at Genealogy World at 9 a.m.  I talked to Pam Journey about data organization, Jean Hibben about Folklore, and then the DNA table with Betty and Doug.  After that hour, I went back to the blogger lounge (there is no "Blogger Island" this year, and checked my email and Facebook on my iPhone.

Linda found me at 11 a.m., and we went across to Subway for a quick lunch, and were back in time to go into the Exhibit Hall when it opened at noon.  I got a T-shirt at 23andMe, a pen at MyHeritage, saw many old friends, met a few new ones, and had a good talk with Earl and Dovy about AncestorSync (it's coming soon...).  I also spoke to Bruce Buzbee about RootsMagic 5 sources and he showed me how to tailor the templates - I'll try it when I have some time.

At 1:30 p.m., I went off to hear Janet Hovorka's presentation on Hatching Eggs Case Study, about enticing her three teens with family history.  I tweeted some highlights, including the URL for her presentation at

After that, I went to the Tech Zone to look at English records on FindMyPast, but I didn't find anything useful for John Richman or John Rich of Hilperton in Wiltshire (besides census records which I already have).  Back to the exhibit hall where I didn't win today's prizes.  Talked to Hal Horrocks of OCCGS for awhile, then to Geoff Rasmussen about the Legacy cruise. 

Nobody was in the blogger lounge area, so I ventured into the bar and enjoyed a drink with several geneabloggers.  We left after 5 p.m. and I wandered back into the exhibit hall for awhile, then went upstairs to get ready for the evening Hollywood Gala.

We put on our Geneaholic shirts, the beads, and fashioned bead tiaras for our heads.  Those garnered some stares in the hotel lobby where we waited for the doors to open.  We walked down the red carpet, were handed a glass of sparkiling cider, and then tried to find a seat.  All of the tables with chairs were taken, so we asked if they could bring out more tables, and they did.  We went off to get food at the buffet - I had carrots, celery, chips and fettuchini. 

The program started with Leo Myers as MC, the two movie stars in attendance were introduced, and Denise Levenick awarded the Suzanna Freeman scholarships to A.C. and Elyse. 

We had front row seats for the picture taking area.  They had a fine assortment of wigs, funny glasses, boas, hats, etc. for people to wear for their glamour shots.  They took four shots, and then handed each group one copy of the four pictures on a 5 x 7 sheet.  The pictures are supposed to be on Facebook also.  Linda and I did one series, and I joined Elyse, Missy and [insert name later, senior moment] for another series.  I also took lots ofp ictures of geneabloggers and may post some to Facebook.

We mixed a little, and Linda went up to go to bed and I got the laptop and brought it down to the blogger lounge to write this post and try to read my 230 messages on Googfle Reader (three fails so far!). 

That's it for Day 2 - I'll write up Day 3 on Saturday night if I can get a wi-fi signal in the blogger lounge.

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