Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Dad - "A Second Rudolph Valentino"

Have you looked online, or in a repository, for your parents high school yearbooks?

My father has an entry in the 1927 Leominster (MA) High School Yearbook, "The Leontine."  He was a Sophomore in 1927, and I didn't see him in the photo of the Sophomore Class on image 33.  There were few males in that picture, but lots of pretty females.

Image 34 is a list of "Suppressed Desires of the Sophomores."

There is my father - the 9th one down the list. It says:

FREDERICK SEAVER ..... A Second Rudolph Valentino

Who knew?  I don't think he ever acted in a play in his life, and I don't think he could sing or dance, but I may be wrong.  He certainly had ambitions to be a lothario, I guess.  I'm not surprised - don't all 16-year old boys?

Some of the more interesting "suppressed desires" were:

* Peachy Andrews - Champion Gate Crasher

*  Fat Starrett - Big Shot

*  Goofy Hatfield - Nuisance, Be in the Way, Gum the Works!

*  Mildred Kendall - Bathing Beauty

*  Doris Lister -Tame the great-big-he-mens

* Doris Keefe -Matron of Home of Starving Sax Players

*  Tessy Quennan - Subdue Goofy

*  Gordon Phillips -Become President of the U.S.A.

*  Joe Goodale - Sheik the Shebas

At least some of them had grand ambitions, others just tried to be funny.  I'm not sure which group my father fits into - probably the latter!

Thank you to reader Suzanne S. for the link to the yearbook.

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