Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 215: The 21-year-old Geraldine Seaver

 I am posting photographs from my family collections for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday (you know me, I can't go wordless!).    

Here is a photograph from the Geraldine Seaver Remley family collection handed down from my aunt in 2007
 after her passing.

This is a photograph of my father's youngest sister, Geraldine Seaver (1917-2007). The note on the back of this photo says that it was taken in 1938, which would make Geraldine Seaver age 21.

I don't know where this picture was taken - perhaps it was at church, or at her college.  It was possibly a special occasion since she is in a long dress and has a flower bouquet.  It may be her college graduation in 1939, or it may be after one of her singing performances.  

Reader Suzanne S. emailed me after last week's Wordless Wednesday post with a link to the Leominster (MA) High School 1935 yearbook (  The yearbook image is:

Thank you, Suzanne!

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