Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Check Our Leslie Lawson's Links Lists

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Check out Leslie Brinkley Lawson's Toolbox at http://www.lawsonresearch.net/toolbox.html - it has genealogy links for many states, with more on the way.

Leslie Brinkley Lawson is a forensic genealogist (http://www.lawsonresearch.net/),a genealogy presenter (http://www.lawsonresearch.net/lectures.html), genealogy blogger (http://lawsonresearch.blogspot.com/), and researcher (http://www.lawsonresearch.net/services-offered.html).  

She has been putting together lists of online genealogy resources for each state in her Toolbox.  The top of the Toolbox page (http://www.lawsonresearch.net/toolbox.html) on her site looks like this:

A bit further down, the list of states with genealogy links is in the right sidebar:

For each state, there are links to websites and databases, including the FamilySearch Research Wiki, Ancestry.com databases, Cyndi's List, USGenWeb sites, state and local archives, genealogical and historical societies, and much more.

Leslie has worked her way from Alabama through Oregon, and will probably go all the way through Wyoming in the coming months.

This set of links may provide a researcher with research opportunities that they were unaware of.

I appreciate the work that Leslie is doing with these state link collections. My guess is that she will appreciate additions and corrections to her lists from readers.

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leslielawson said...

Thanks, Randy! I appreciate the shout-out! Hoping many find the toolbox useful. And yes, I would welcome additions and corrections.