Thursday, August 16, 2012

Help! RootsMagic 5 Media Attachment is Confusing

And sometimes I have no problem, and sometimes I do...the darn media item does not shown up in a Fact attachment.

What am I talking about?  Here's my situation:

1)  In RootsMagic 5, here is my Edit Person screen for Isaac Seaver (1823-1901):

Note that I do not have any "Media Items" shown in the "Media" icon column for each Fact.  I knew that I had tried to attach them using the Sources button > Edit >Media > Add from Gallery.

2)  I have a number of record images in the "Media Gallery" already for Isaac Seaver - I uploaded them from my Document files.  Here is the "Media Gallery" for Isaac with the 1860 U.S. census document highlighted (outlined in red, information shown in right panel):

3)  So now I want to add it to the Fact for the 1960 U.s. Census.  I can do it by clicking on the empty box in the "Media" icon column for the Fact (it's empty in the screen below):

4)  That opened a blank screen for "Media Album" for Isaac Seaver, and since I knew the document image was in the "Media Gallery" I clicked on the "Add from Gallery" button and selected it from the list:

5)  After hitting the "Select" button, the Image appears in the Media album for Isaac Seaver:

6)  So a Check should show up on the "Media" icon list on the "Edit Person" screen, right?

Nope...I don't understand why.

I then tried to upload the Document Image to the Fact using the "Add new media" button on the "Media album" screen and it showed the same thing as the last two screens.  I wonder why?  Does it know that I've already uploaded that same image previously?  The really frustrating part is that sometimes both procedures seem to work and the Check mark appears in the "Media" icon list for the Fact.

Hopefully, a knowledgeable reader knows how to fix this so that the Check mark shows up in the "Media" icon column for the Fact to which it should be attached.  Why is what I'm experiencing happening?  A step-by-step method to do this would be appreciated!

A search for how to work with Media and attach them to Facts did not help (or I was too stupid to see it).

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RootsMagic said...


I'll have to experiment with the path you were taking to add the picture to an event, but here is the way I do it when I already have the picture attached to the person:

1. Open the media album for the person.
2. Highlight the desired item.
3. Click the "Tag media" button on the right side of the screen.
4. Select the person and event to tag.

- Bruce

Unknown said...

Hooray for Bruce!

But, since I know he's watching, I'd like to make a request for the next upgrade: When you attach an image to a source, can you have it automatically tag to the fact that the source is for. I hate having to go into the source to see the image, or take the extra steps to make sure the image is in both places.

Bad grammar aside, does that make any sense?