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Lots of News in 1928...

There sure was a lot of news on 19 December 1928 in the San Diego Evening-Tribune daily  newspaper!!

Fortunately for San Diego area researchers, GenealogyBank ( has the San Diego Union (1871-1983) and the San Diego Evening Tribune (1895-1938), plus the San Diego Sun (1881-1888), the San Diego Daily World (1873-1873), the Weekly World (1872-1873) and the Daily San Diegan (1887-1888).

I found several interesting articles on the page above that are concerned with genealogy and family history.  Here is one of them:

This article sauys:

Get Fourth Twins in 7 Years' Time; Hint Heredity Cause

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (A.P.) -- For the fourth time in seven years twins have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Robey here, bringing the total number of children in the family to 14.

"We missed the unlucky number, anyway," Robey said philosophically today.

"Doing well," was the report on the mother and the twins, a boy and girl, to be named Clarence and Constance.

Both the mother and father are members of large families.  Mrs. Robey, formerly Anna Barbara Midleroff, of Baltimore, is one of 13 children, and her husband one of 18.

Isn't that a great article?  Certainly, some of their 13 children (and there may be more!) are still alive.  I wonder if they, or their descendants, are aware that these people were written up in the newspaper and published all over the country?

I think that I found this Robey family in the 1930 U.s. census in Washington, D.C.  It says that Grover C. Robey, age 44 is widowed.  Other Robey family members include Grover C. Robey (age 20), Leonard L. Robey (age 13), Gilbert R. Robey (age 11), Linwood H. Robey (age 8), Helen V. Robey (age 8), Paul E. Robey (age 4 yrs, 7 mos), and Pauline E. Robey (age 4 yrs, 7 mos).

What about Constance and Clarence?  They are residing as "lodgers" in Washington D.C. in the house of Frank Young, with a servant, Florence Rein (age 28), Florence's daughter, Catherine Rein (age 8), and another lodger, Catherine Hutter (age 28).  I wonder if Catherine Rein was a sister to Constance and Clarence?  Or if the children were fostered or adopted by one of the adults.

The 1920 U.S. Census for the Grover C. Robey family finds them in Washington, D.C., with Grover C. Robey (age 35), Anna B. Robey (age 28), George W. Robey (age 11), Grover C. Robey (age 10), Alice J. Robey (age 7), Lenard L. Robey (age 3) and Richard G. Robey (age 1).

So there are 11 names of children there:

*  George W. Robey, born 1908).
*  Grover C. Robey (born 1909)
*  Alice J. Robey (born 1912)
*  Leonard L. Robey (born 1916)
*  Richard Gilbert Robey (born 1918)
*  Linwood H. Robey (born 1921)
*  Helen V. Robey (born 1921)
*  Paul E. Robey (born 1925)
*  Pauline E. Robey (born 1925)
*  Constance Robey (born 1928)
*  Clarence Robey (born 1928).

There are three sets of twins on that list.  Another set of twins may have been born in 1914 or 1923 or 1926.

That's enough for one evening of randomly doing someone else's ancestry!  I couldn't resist doing the above - it only took about 20 minutes once I found the article!  Maybe it will help descendants of Clarence and Constance if they don't know who their parents were.  Back to the drawing board, er, editing the CVGS Newsletter.

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