Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leaving' on a Jet Plane Today - Off to Las Vegas!

All our bags are packed (well, almost), we're ready to go,
I'm sittin' at my keyboard typin' goodbye,
The NGS syllabus is on my laptop,
Mastering Genealogy Proof is in my case.
I'm looking forward to seeing my genea-friends
And all that might happen at NGS.

We're leaving on a jet plane,
Off to Las Vegas for a week, baby!

(with apologies to John Denver...)

No, not for gambling -- for learning!  More learning.  Constant learning.  Um, and fun with my genea-friends and geneabloggers.

This is our travel day to Las Vegas for the NGS 2013 Conference.  I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, doing a little blogging every day, doing some exhibit hall wandering, and even attending some presentations.

The sessions I hope to attend are in my posts:

*  My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Wednesday, 8 May
*  My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Thursday, May 9
*  My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Friday, May 10
*  My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Saturday, May 11

I have pre-planned one post a day already, and will, hopefully, be able to use the wi-fi in the exhibit hall and the NGS wi-fi in the hotel lobby area.  

If you are attending NGS 2013, please stop by the Blogger area and say hello, or if you pass me in the exhibit hall or see me in the presentation rooms.

I will try to publish the Best Of the Genea-blogs on Sunday as usual, unless circumstances beyond my control occur.

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