Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Saturday, May 11

I want to list the selected NGS 2013 Conference sessions that I would like to attend.  I may not attend all of them, due to schedule conflicts, space constraints, or time conflicts.  But if I write them out, I am more likely to attend more of them. 

The Conference Syllabus is available for download at if you are an NGS Conference registrant.  Unfortunately, the syllabus doesn't provide the session times.  

The Conference Program ( provides the times, but not the room numbers for each session.  The NGS2013 mobile app provides times, session number, speaker and title, but not the room number.  Why can't everything be in one place?

Here are my target Saturday, 11 May sessions (I've added the syllabus page numbers so I can print them out):

8 a.m. S401: Elissa Scalise Powell - Baker's Dozen Steps to Writing Research Reports
8 a.m.  S402: Elizabeth Shown Mills - Analyzing Deeds and Wills: I See What It Says, But What Does It Mean?

9:30 a.m. S412: Laura Murphy DeGrazia - Of City slickers and Straphangers: Tracing Urban Ancestors
9:30 a.m. S413:  Kay Havelich Freiland -  When Our Ancestors Met the Law

11 a.m.: S421:  F. Warren Bittner - Proof Arguments: How and Why?
11 a.m.  S422:  Robert Charles Anderson - The elements of Genealogical Analysis

2:30 p.m. S441: Barbara Mathews - Not Quite Right: Recognizing Errors
2:30 p.m. S442:  Thomas w. Jones - Will Your Genealogical History Have Lasting Value?

4:00 p.m. S451: Pamela Boyer Sayre - Enough Is Enough! Or Is It?

4:00 p.m.  S453: Debbie Parker Wayne - Ours and Theirs: Tax and Land Laws

This may be an interesting day!!!  I am glad that there are 30 minute breaks between sessions rather than 15 minutes.

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Disclosure:  I was named an Official Blogger and will take advantage of the opportunities.  However, I paid a full registration fee and will not spend all of my time in the Exhibit Hall or blogger area.

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