Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Check Out FamilySearch's Virginia Collections

This week's Tuesday's Tip is for Virginia lovers -- Check out the FamilySearch record collections for online Virginia databases.

There are 14 different record collections online on the FamilySearch record collection page.  If you put "virginia" into the search filter (upper left-hand corner) you'll get 23 matches, but 9 of them are for West Virginia:

The 14 record collections available for Virginia include:

*  Virginia Births and Christenings, 1853-1917 (1,991,095 indexed records, no images)

*  Virginia, Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 (2,252,877 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Civil War Service Records of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865 (15,639 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Danville City Cemetery Records, 1833-2006 (browse images only)

*  Virginia, Deaths and Burials, 1853-1912 (611,127 indexed records, no images)

*  Virginia, Fluvanna County Colbert Funeral Home Records, 1929-1976 (browse images only)

*  Virginia, Freedmen's Bureau Letters or Correspondence, 1865-1872 (834,422 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Historical Society Papers, 1607-2007 (17,449 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Isle of Wight County Records, 1647-1917 (browse images only)

*  Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940 (1,219,044 indexed records, no images)

*  Virginia, Naturalization Petitions, 1906-1929 (browse images only)

*  Virginia, Orange County Marriage Records, 1757-1938 (11,823 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Surry County Marriage Records, 1735-1950 (18,329 indexed records, with images)

*  Virginia, Winchester, Evening Star Obituaries, 1899-1909 (5,819 indexed records, with images).

There are several unique record collections on this list.  If you have Virginia ancestry, have you checked all of them that are in the location and time frame that you are researching?

Hopefully, FamilySearch will add Land Records and Probate Records to this collection list at some point in time.  When that happens, I think that many research problems will be solved if researchers take the time to search them for their ancestors.

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